Where is Zlatitsa Bike Park?

The Bike Park is located in the village of Tsarkvishte, Bulgaria – 76km east from the the capital Sofia.

The town is small, but located right next to the Balkan Mountains, being a great location for extreme sports as: downill biking and paraplanerism. 

We organize downhill competitions every year in the Spring and in the Summer. Bikers from all Bulgaria join. 


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What can you find in Zlatitsa Bike Park?

Depending on your level we can offer you a wide range of options to choose from.

Beginner and Advanced Routes

Whether you are seasoned veteran on the bike or you are making your first steps into this beautiful sport, we have you covered. Our  tracks offer a bit of everything from big drops and jumps to flowy trails where you can just enjoy the moment and progress further

Amazing Nature

Being in the heart of the Balkan Mountain the nature of Bikepark Zlatitsa is more than stunning. Alpine peaks, deep forest and valleys. Prime dirt and good weather all around.

Great Community

We are all local bikers, who live and breathe for the good times on the bike. We love what we build and love to progress. We love our nature an we always try to preserve it. We also like to have a beer (or two) and keep things simple. Bike park Zlatitsa is build by riders for the riders and we always welcome new people into our little community

Bike Lessons

:  We love biking, and we know that it could be kind of hard and scary and the beginning, so we are always ready to help you upgrade your skills. In our team we have bike experts with more than 15 years of experience´. If you want just guidance for the local tracks, we are always ready to ride. Just give as a call or drop as a message.   

Bike Shuttles

We offer nice and comfortable transport to the top of the tracks of the bike park and other local areas .    

Bike Trails

"Текила" - Винаги готово за парти трасе ! Подобно на самата напитка, ако
"Свищи Плаз" -  място за истинските ендуро и планински фенове. Трябва да си
„Към старта“ - когато буса ви остави на върха на планината, вие не само ще бъдете
"Кобра" - както подсказва името, е трасе, което е бързо, стръмно, рохкаво и готово
"Голд Дигър" е нашето бижу в парка. Eдно от най-любимите трасета за всички
’To the start’’ – when the shuttle bus leaves you at the top of the mountain you