Nikolay Ivanov

Main Interest:

Personal Experience

Nikolay Ivanov currently is 20 years of age and lives in his hometown – Zlatitsa.

Niki has been a fan of bikes since a very young age, but his passion about the mountain biking sport started at the age of 15 when his parents bought him his first real mountain bike and this love has never stopped since then. Despite the act he is still quite young, he is quite experienced mountain biker already. He has many successful races in enduro and downhill and in 2019 he managed to finish second overall in the enduro junior category.

He loves to spend his time in the mountains either on his bike or building and searching for new tracks. He is one of the main driving forces and the person responsible for the expanding and maintaining of ‘’Bikepark Zlatitsa’’.

This year he managed to start another project which he wanted for become a reality for some time – his own coaching program. Niki is currently training more than 30 kids at various age from the ‘’Srednogorie’’ region.

Nikolay’s main ambition and desire is to continue to increase the popularity of the mountain bike sport in Bulgaria and to inspire young kids to be active and be close to nature.